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The Green Water
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I love my goldfish…
as precious as gold.
I hate the green water;
they obscure my gold!

I love the green water…
as precious as emerald.
Without which my goldfish glitters not...
in full splendor and glamour!
OK! Let’s cut the crap and excuse the attempt to inject some life and suspense into the subject we are going to share with you. However, this lousy poem really depicts our love and hate dilemma for the green algae water.

There are numerous species of algae going by very complex scientific names. What we are preaching is the kind of free floating single celled (unicellular) algae, not those hairy ones that got attached to rocks or mediums. These algae are very easy to cultivate in the outdoor. What that is needed are strong sunlight and enough goldfish to provide ammonia – the food source for the algae.

Under the correct condition with ample sunlight and ammonia, the green algae grow at a very rapid rate and it obscured the sight of your beautiful goldfish. As such, many aquarists consider them a nuisance and invested in much time, money and effort to get rid of them, often without very good success.

Ironically, in China and Japan, champion goldfish and koi farmers spent so much time and effort just to cultivate the green water that many aquarists are trying desperately to get rid of. Ponds are fertilized by burying dead and decomposed fishes or enriched with manual just to get the correct hue of green.

So there must be very good reasons for the goldfish farmers to cultivate goldfish in green algae water. The following pages list the main advantages and disadvantages of green algae water...


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