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The Green Water - Con't

The Advantages

o    High Oxygenated Water
Carbon dioxide and ammonia is consumed and plenty of oxygen is released during photosynthesis. Goldfish kept in rich oxygenated water in big outdoor space will have extremely good appetite, and would grow rapidly and healthily. This is also an essential factor to achieve good head development of the Ranchu, Lionhead and Oranda varieties.

o    Zero Byproducts
A major advantage of the photosynthesis process over the nitrification process is that it produces no byproducts like nitrite or nitrate!

The pea-soup green we cherish

o    Cheap, Easy, Effective and Natural Filtration System
Natural and highly effective filtration of the green algae water takes over the expensive and tedious maintenance of man-made filtration system.
o    Gradual Changes in Environment Parameters
The gradual fluctuation of pH and temperature in an outdoor environment helps to strengthen the fish, making them less prone to common diseases.
o    Excellent Food Source
Green algae contain very high protein (60% more than shrimp - essential to the head development of the Ranchu, Lionhead and Oranda varieties) and fresh carotene – the natural color enhancer for goldfish. The outdoor pond is also a hotbed for the nutritious blood worms and mosquito larvae, an important supplement for our precious goldfish.
o    Conducive Environment
Goldfish dwelling in the soothing green environment are also less stressed than those in crystal clear water. Naturally, they develop better under minimal stress.
o    Accurate Indication of Diseases
Green water is a good indicator of the health of the goldfish. Water that turns brownish-green is a sure indication of problems with the goldfish.


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