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The Green Water - Con't

The Disadvantages

o    Oxygen Deprecation
At night, the algae compete with the goldfish for oxygen, and may result in suffocation.

o    Oxygen Burn
Too much oxygen produced by the green algae water causes the fish to suffer from “oxygen burn” as the oxygen bubbles forms inside their fins and burst.

o    Now You See Them Now You don’t
You can’t see your goldfish clearly in green water.

It is very difficult for many hobbyists to accept the benefits of the green water, especially in the commercial world, where there are huge investments on specialized products to counter the growth of green algae.

Why the heck to keep goldfish if we can’t even see them in the green water? Being avid hobbyist, we prefer to groom our goldfish rather than to see them deteriorate overtime. In order to get the best of both worlds, we rent outdoor ponds and “rotate” our collection of goldfish every few months from our home aquariums. In this way, we get enough bright colored and beautiful fishes to admire at home and at the same time, another batch is being cultivated by nature, waiting to be swap into the aquarium again.

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