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Artist's  Biography
Four goldfish from my uncle was where it all began. Thereafter, for more than 20 years, I struggled with the constant frustrations of not being able to keep goldfish well. I was in and out of the hobby, discouraged and given up after my goldfish deteriorated and died, only to come back with renewed courage when I thought I have enough savings to buy better equipments. Years of wild goose chase ended when I finally met Mr. Alvin Lim in 2001 – my friend and mentor, who taught me the way of keeping goldfish. That is when I realized that the goldfish hobby is not about having the most advanced equipment but on understanding their environment.

The Goldfish Art Gallery was conceptualized from my casual sketches of goldfish, which I illustrated to consult Alvin about goldfish appreciation and their body conformation. When many of my hobbyist friends like my sketches, it inspired me to explore serious goldfish artwork. Alvin, with his profound experience in judging goldfish, is naturally one of my best critics. I also had the honour to gain some very useful insights about watercolour painting from Mr Seah Kum Chuan, President of the Singapore Watercolour society when I attended a watercolour appreciation course conducted by him.

Ying, Alvin and me :D



anatomy of goldfish varieties

Watercolour artwork - a Tunghoi Aquarium Company

My passions: breeding and painting goldfish


Pearlfection - crown pearlscale
bred in 2003


 Tosai top view ranchu
bred in 2006

Don't look at the fish, daddy
look at ME!


Although 2 years of painting still life and nature in college do help in my artwork, painting goldfish is a totally different “feel”. I desire for my artwork to emanate the dynamism of the goldfish, thus, adapting the earlier styles of plain stale and “hard” illustration to a “softer” style of expressing movement of form. Being a goldfish fanatic spending much time with goldfish everyday probably helps me to express them spontaneously. I believe that only an artwork created with passion will take on a life of its kind. Besides painting goldfish, I am also busy with my other passion – breeding goldfish. The latter made me realize that it is much more difficult to breed a decent fish than to paint one. Well, that is probably why I love to engross in painting my pseudo perfect goldfish whenever I can find time for it.

Special thanks to my good friend Mr. HK Ying, for nagging me to launch the art gallery everyday. Without him getting on my nerves, I would still be procrastinating. Mr. CH Toh, fellow member of the Vermillion Goldfish Club and a keen patron of my artwork, for his suggestions to my art gallery. Last, but not least, to the fans of my art out there, with whom I have never met – but have been so generous in their compliments of my humble artworks in all these years. I would continue to strive to improve my artworks.

I am also very appreciative and guilty to my family, in particular, my wife and children for putting up with my love for the goldfish. 


My apologies that most of my artworks are sold out, however, if you are interested in my artwork, please write to me at

Thank you for visiting my gallery!


Wee Yap
Dreamer &
goldfish fanatic


February 2007

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