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The subject of beauty is subjective - beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! Different varieties of goldfish appeal to different people. Have you ever dreamt of owning your perfect fish? Have you also lamented the "near perfect-ness" of your favourite goldfish? It lacks the colour tone you like, or the tail angle you prefer.

he goldfish hobby is both an art and a reflection of life. As we endeavor to attain perfection in all that we do, we learn to live with life's many imperfections, and to appreciate the beauty in the imperfect.

Watercolour ~ Ministerial souvenir for
TanglinCC goldfish show

Close up

Watercolor ~ chubby ranchu
private collection of Mr. Sam Hui.

Watercolor ~ calico crown pearl
private collection of Mr. C.H. Toh

metallic ink ~ butterfly dragon eye

metallic ink ~ ranchu


Metallic ink art - framed and ready for delivery
private collection of Mr. Harsono

close up

It is most ironic that when one tries to interpose all the perfect features in a goldfish, the result may not be a perfect goldfish! Each variety of goldfish emanates the beauty unique to the breed. Between different breeds, an apple for apple comparison is just not possible.

In my art, I strive to conceptualize a pseudo-perfect fish of my imagination. It is a thrill to be able to create any goldfish variety of any shape and coloration to one's whims (the only thing I can't do is to make it swim).

the detail study of all subject matters
is crucial to the goldfish artworks

Watercolor ~ Ranchus and Maple

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Artist's Biography

Metallic Ink Art Gallery

Watercolour Art Gallery


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