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Goldfish Diary

2007 - Issue 1
Goldfish Event - Aquafair Malaysia

In this issue, we feature the Aquafair Malaysia (16 Nov - 19 Nov 2006), Kuala Lumpur.

KL's magnificent Petronas
Twin Towers

Malaysia hosted the world with Aquafair 2006 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 16th-19th November. Located beside the world-renowned Twin Petronas Towers, the show was nestled comfortably in two large halls in beautifully landscaped surroundings.

Simultaneously, the Malaysian hobbyist fish clubs also hosted an international fish competition. The Goldfish Society of Malaysia (GFSM) was part of this event. One hundred and forty goldfishes competed for the coveted Grand Champion title. Apart from prize money, trophies and certificates; competition participants were also given gifts by participating sponsors.


The competition was segmented into 6 categories; namely Ryukin, Ranchu, Oranda, Demikin(Moor), Pearlscale and “Others”. The “Others” category was represented by Celestial-eyes, Wakin, Shubankin, Eggfishes(2 varieties) and the Tosakin. Since there were different subvarieties in each category All of these sub-varieties were grouped together and were judged accordingly.

some of the show entries

Competition was indeed international in every sense of the word because apart from the host Malaysia, there were entries from China, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. Not to be outdone by the competitors, complementing was a panel of internationally renowned judges from Goldfish nations, Mr. Xu Ping Zhang from Guangdong, China; Mr. Alvin Lim from the Vermillion Goldfish Club and Malaysia’s own Mr. Patrick Tan.

Finally, the Grand Champion was a 26cm red and white broadtail Ryukin owned by Mr Soon Hui Cheong.


panel of judges discussing
about an entry

grand champion ryukin

/contributed by Patrick Tan, President Goldfish Society of Malaysia
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14 February 2007





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