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Goldfish Event - Aquarama 2009

In this issue, we take you to the Aquarama 2009 One of the biggest ornamental fish event in the world.

The Aquarama a biennial aquatic event held in Singapore and organised by UBM Asia. It is one of the biggest and most anticipated aquatic exhibition of its kind in the world. Packed with informative seminars and eye-catching exhibitions to showcase the latest of aquatic technology and development, the Aquarama provides business opportunity for global aquatic industry players to mingle and also a platform for the prestiges International Ornamental Fish Competition.

The Vermillion Goldfish Club members look forward to such big scale competition to pit our skills amongst ourselves as well as to benchmark against other hobbyists and some of the best breeders in the world. As most of our fishes were acquired and groomed for sometime or bred by ourselves, competing our fishes in the international level is a testamony to our continual efforts to improve our skills.

Although there are no monetary prizes for winning in the Aquarama Goldfish Competition, it has never failed to receive overwhelming responses. In fact, it is getting more and more competitive in recent years with many local and regional hobbyists importing very strong entries directly from China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Since Aquarama 2005, the Vermillion Club has been proud and honoured to be the advisor to the Organiser Committee with regards to the Goldfish Competition. We have again recorded another good year in the Aquarama, working with the organiser to promote the goldfish hobby by introducing new ideas in the goldfish competition. As we work towards more constuctive information exchanges with other International goldfish dignitaries, we hope to continue to raise the standard of goldfish judging and appreciation standards to new heights in the region.
More pictures and winning entries:
Ranchu   Pearlscaled Varieties   Oranda
Dragon Eye   Ryukin (Long Tail)   Ryukin (Short Tail)
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9 Jun 09

Vermillion catch for the International Goldfish Competition

Sam, the proud owner of the Grand Champion

Visitors at the Vermillion booth

Trade exhibition
Goldfish T-shirts for sale and the Grand Champion Trophy
Competition Tanks
Rows of competition tanks
Show area
Self-made goldfish souvenir for sale

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