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Goldfish Event - Aquarama 2011

In this issue, we update on the bi-enniel Aquarama for 2011

This Aquarama, we are extremely honoured to have a very special and important guest - Grandmaster Ye Qi Chang from China to be one of the panel judges for the International Goldfish Competition.

Grandmaster Ye is a highly skilled and respected Goldfish dignitary in China. Having bred the Goldfish in Fuzhou for more than 40 years, he was the first to breed the Ranchu in China when Mr Louis Chan of the Tunghoi Aquarium Company acquired a pair of Japanese Ranchus and presented it to him years ago. Grandmaster Ye had also created many popular Goldfish varieties, amongst which is the blue-brown Dragon Eyes Butterfly. Though very famous in China, Grandmaster Ye remains very humble and is unrestraint in sharing his knowledge of Goldfish.

One of the biggest concerns of Grandmaster Ye is how commercial demand has driven many less popular Goldfish varieties to near extinction. Many farms in China only breed varieties that are in high commercial demand. The "rotational play" by Goldfish hobbyists often caught many farm owners off guard and when the market for the once less-popular varieties ramp up, Goldfish breeders could not meet the demand because they either have lost all their brood stocks or their breeding stocks are not well maintain to produce good spawns anymore. Grandmaster Ye hopes that the Chinese Goldfish breeders would continue to produce small quantities of the not-so-popular varieties so that they will not be lost forever.

Grandmaster Ye recently retired after his farm was demolished to make way for urban development. We hope he will continue to contribute his valuable experiences to the Goldfish hobby around the World and the Goldfish farming industry in China.

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1 Jun 2011

Grandmaster Ye, Mr Cao and
Mrs Cao touring our farm

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