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Goldfish Event - Aquarama 2013

In this issue, we update on the bi-enniel Aquarama for 2013

Aquarama 2013 has been a very special and proud moment for the Vermillion Goldfish Club members - we are celebrating our 10th year anniversary in conjunction with this much anticipated biennial event. A new logo was also incorporated for the Vermillion Goldfish Club, signifying the club's constant quest for new challenges and changes to advance in the Goldfish hobby. We were extremely honoured to have a very important guest: Mr Louis Chan of Tung Hoi Aquarium Company to grace our anniversary dinner with our guests and club members.

Besides the regular eminent judges from Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, we also have Master Huang from Beijing, China as one of the Aquarama judges for the Goldfish Competition. Despite his youth, Master Huang is one of the most repectable Goldfish dignitarian in China who also owns and manages the biggest and most popular Goldfish forum in China Lanshou.net .

Master Huang is very artistically inclined and devoted most of his time and energies breeding Goldfish and making Goldfish artifacts. One of his most recent penchant was making Goldfish figurings out of the famous Zhi Sha clay. Master Huang is also very dedicated in the preservation of ancient strains of Goldfish like the red cap phoenix and special coloured bubble eyes, many of these strains are at the blink of extinction due to the lack of commercial demand over other more popular varieties like the Ranchu, Oranda and Ryukin.


Master Huang from Beijing
Mr Louis Chan (in black) took a shot of the
anniversary cake as Alvin looks on
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Ranchu   Pearlscaled Varieties   Oranda
Dragon Eye   Ryukin (Long Tail)   Ryukin (Short Tail)
Open   Mirror Image & Commercial   Aquarama 2013 Candid Shots

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6 Jun 2013

The Aquarama winnings of the
Vermillion Goldfish Club members

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