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Dragon Eye Butterfly Competition

Red, white, brown and blue, purple, black and calico too.
In every colour known to you, bright as the rainbow's hues
So surely will they catch your eye,
dragon eye butterflies big and small,
to and fro they flutter by,
in white, round enamel bowls
Come watch the butterflies -
enchant, embrace, enjoy...
where oriental masterpieces 
come alive!
Where else?
At the Vermillion Butterfly Show of course!

The dragon eye butterfly competition is the only show of its kind in the world. More than 60 fishes flaunted their beauties in this event. 

Alvin, our club's president and some friends pioneered the first butterfly competition in 2000 (held in the Great World City). The subsequent year, it was held in the Tanglin Mall. With more collectors for butterfly amongst our members, we hope to organise the dragon eye butterfly competition as an annual club event.

We would like to thank the judges, Mr. Patrick Tan from Malaysia and Mr. Leong CY who had kindly volunteered their expertise in the judging.

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14.5 cm


Grand Champion


Size of our big category butterfly as shown in reference
to the hand, the majority of butterfly were
groomed from young fishes of 2 to 4 inches


Length 19 cm

6 cm

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5 October 2004




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