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Fuzhou Goldfish Farm Tour

Goldfish farm overlooking paddy fields
and mountains

A small portion of the biggest
ranchu farm in China



Majestic specimens such as these
are groomed in medium size concrete
ponds with mud base.

A young special colour calico ranchu
of high potential


Farmer culling young ranchus

Netting ranchus

Fuzhou is a beautiful and mountainous landscape endowed with good river waters and natural springs. Fuzhou goldfish farmers produces almost 80% of the Chinese ranchu for domestic and international markets. The biggest ranchu farm houses more than 1500 ponds and specialize only in ranchu. Ranchu farms in Fuzhou are usually concrete ponds and much smaller than the mud ponds in Guangzhou.

Due to its warm climate almost throughout the year, Fuzhou is ideal to groom big goldfish. Smaller mud ponds than those found in Guangzhou are also used to groom high quality ryukins and orandas. Concrete ponds are also good for pearlscales and dragon eye butterflies.


Typical Fuzhou concrete ponds

Orandas and Ryukins

A dragon eye butterfly farm which uses natural spring water

4 inches walkway alongside ponds are
the only way to move around

Variegated calico ranchus

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