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Guangzhou Goldfish Farm Tour

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Typical weather in Guangzhou -
hazy smog from heavy industrialization

The abundance of natural fish feed in its streams and its proximity to Hong Kong position Guangzhou as a strategically to export goldfish internationally. In the rural areas of Donguang, where manpower and land cost is lucrative for fish farming, many goldfish and food fish farms blossoms.

Goldfish site-seeing in Guangzhou is not complete
without a visit to Tung Hoi Aquarium Company



Mr. Jackie Chan extends his warmest welcome to our
club's expedition to Tung Hoi, join by good friends
from Malaysia and Indonesia

The big outdoor mud ponds to groom the top grade
orandas and ryukins

ponds for grooming young fishes

Special colour short tail and broad tail ryukins
in holding areas


Farm worker showing off his yearlings

Specially selected jumbo ranchus in jumbo ponds

Ingenuously designed irrigation channels A plaque documenting the variety, size and number of
fishes, number of feeds and type of feed for each day.

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