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Guangzhou Goldfish Farm Tour

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Luo's goldfish farm, one of the biggest in China

Each hut houses a family of farm worker
responsible for a few hundred ponds in its proximity.

The farms in Guangzhou generally specializes in Oranda, Ryukin and Black Moor. The bigger farms also breed many other varieties of goldfish. Luo's goldfish farm, one of the biggest in the region, boasted more than 4000 ponds and consumes more than 3000 kilograms of tubiflex worms each day.

Farm workers and their families stay in the farm in their own quarters build near the ponds they are responsible for. Typically each farm worker will be in charge of 200 to 400 ponds. The day for a goldfish farmer starts as early as 4am to prepare the food, cleaning the ponds and packing fish for sale. Resting in hot afternoon and continue farm maintenance from 4pm onwards.


ponds and more ponds

Farmers rounding up the goldfish in huge
mud ponds for selection

The big round up, no fish will be missed.


Scooping fishes for selection

Selecting the fishes from the big round up

Packing area, where fishes bound for
domestic markets are sold by weight.


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