Goldfish Diary - China Wish
China Wish

he goldfish hobby is never complete with a "pilgrimage" to China - the motherland of the goldfish. In this issue, we update on our club's excursion to China - dubbed "China Wish" where we visited the China Aquaria 2006 and the farm tours in Guangzhou and Fuzhou.

The tour took lots of planning and was enjoyed with the company of our avid hobbyist friends from Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong. It was an eye opening trip that enhanced our admiration of the profound skills and wisdom of the Chinese goldfish farmers. Today, modernization has moulded China immensely, but traditional methods of goldfish farming remains proven in this thousand-year old goldfish hobby.

Goldfish Garden in Guangzhou Zoo
Aquaria China 2006
Guangzhou Goldfish Farms Tour (3 pages)
Fuzhou Goldfish Farms Tour

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Quality greenwater = quality fish


An outstanding jumbo shinny scale oranda


Where the best broadtail ryukins and orandas are kept
in Tung Hoi farm


Another farm's grooming ponds for its high grade fishes

Pet market in Guangzhou

Selecting fishes round up by the farmer

Braving rural terrains to reach the farms

Rare blue ranchu with pompons

Sakura ryukins in holding pans


Concrete ponds in a Donguang farm


Pet market in Fuzhou



The way the domestic grade goldfish
are sold in Fuzhou

Goldfish Garden in Guangzhou Zoo
Aquaria China 2006
Guangzhou Goldfish Farm Tour
    (3 pages)
Fuzhou Goldfish Farm Tour

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