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Goldfish Adventure - China Wish II

In this issue, we take you to our second major trip to China - China Wish II

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The famous Zhou Mansion stone bridge in Suzhou

For centuries, the rich and powerful Chinese of ancient China treated themselves with the most lavish of worldly indulgence, the pinnacle of these amenities congregated in the important cities of China, where many well-endowed families made their homes. Coupled with its proximity to Hangzhou, the craddle of the Goldfish; the northern parts of China enjoyed a long history of exquisite Goldfish aquaculture.

In those days, the lives of some peasant families became so entwined with the Goldfish that for generations, they focused on breeding exotic Goldfish for the nobles. Since the Goldfish had always been associated with the rich, it was branded as a capitalist sin and banned during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. We were very fortunate to meet and interviewed some veteran Goldfish Masters and were touched by their stories of how they hide their Goldfish passions from the years of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Fortunately, some avid hobbyists like these old masters persisted and secretly breed the Goldfish; saving many varieties from extinction. When the Chinese open its doors in the 80s, The beautiful Goldfish quickly becomes famous and popular both in and out of China. Breeding Goldfish also became a very lucratic business and a second income to many people, in many cases, raking in more income than their day-jobs. Many Chinese families became skilled in this art, they even converted their rice fields and any available space like their roof-tops to Goldfish ponds.

Unfortunately, the rapid modernization of China increase the cost of fish food, water bills and the natural habbitat of livefoods diminished. Goldfish breeding are becoming much less commercially viable. We had the privilege to witness the last few places in Northern China with some of these home-grown Goldfish breeders specialising in roof-top keeping.

We were also honoured to meet up with the very avid Goldfish hobbyists from the Nanjing Goldfish Club. Like us, they rent ponds to further in advance goldfish keeping techniques, utilizing the natural and traditional ways to keep the Goldfish. In recent years, a few of them retired and leased a plot of land, built their own ponds and a very beautiful compound to exhibit their goldfish. The members of the Nanjing Goldfish Club are also very passionate in breeding and maintaining various ancient bloodlines, some of which at the blink of extinction due to less popular commercial demands. Regretfully, our trip itinerary does not allow us to join them in one of the biggest Goldfish exhibition and show in China - the Nanjing Goldfish Show from 6th to 8th November, was a very successful and elaborated goldfish event organised by the Nanjing Goldfish Club : http://www.lanshou.net/read.php?tid=106758

China Wish II, has been another eye-opening and memorable trip for us!

Gifts from our friendly host Mr Cao - Goldfish carvings on real egg shells

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18 Nov 09
An adorable toddler very
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Round up for picking,
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A special coloured calico Bubble Eyes
Fishes kept in traditional way
The famous Northern Pearlscales
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