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Goldfish Adventure - China Wish II

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Nanjing Goldfish Club Office
Bridge decorated with Goldfish Drawings based
on our sketches
Master Lu, President of Nanjing Goldfish Club
eagerly showing us his collections.
Master Bao and Master Tian
Rare and almost extinct Wuhan Dragon Eyes
The Eyes are so big that they look like bubble eyes from afar

Young Master Cao showing us his collections
Stout Crown Pearlscales of Nanjing
Rare Goose-head Phoenix
New breed of short tail bubbles and rare colours by the
Nanjing Goldfish Club
Very old line of big Chinese Oranda

a pair of red cap lionheads - a colour the northern breeders
managed to breed true

More pictures of China Wish II >>>
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18 Nov 09

Mr Cao showing his fishes kept
in traditional wooden tubs nearly a century old

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