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Goldfish Diary

Goldfish Appreciation Series - The Chocolate King

In this issue we showcase yet another of our rare collections - A pair of brown ranchus!

Having one of the richest set of genetic color mutants, the goldfish comes in various color and combinations of metallic red, white, yellow, orange, blue, brown and black. Besides the metallic scales, the transparent or nacreous scales variation also comes in interesting form of calico and sakura (red transparent patches).

The color brown (or bronze) is very interesting in goldfish - different tones of brown can appear in the same brood and even within the same fish. The Chinese dubbed the dark brown tone as "Zhi Yu" or "Purple Fish", where tinges of purple-like hue radiates from the scales of a healthy dark brown fish. The medium tone brown is of a reddish tea color and those with light brown are of a pleasant chestnut color.

Brown coloration had long emerged in varieties like the pearlscale, the butterfly moor, the fantail, the celestial and the oranda. Owing to the instability of the brown gene, brown is rare within each variety, let alone quality brown specimens.

Dark brown or purple ranchu -
Note the purple hue near the head



2-tone chestnut brown ranchu with well developed pompons on its nostrils

Given the global popularity of the ranchu and the enormous gene pool of goldfish in China, it is not surprising that the Chinese farmers had begun the development of the brown variants of the ranchu - the king of goldfish.

The pair of brown ranchus featured in this article are of high quality. They have gone through a few generations of selective breeding to achieve that almost perfect form of the ranchu.

It often keep us wondering how many more rare and beautiful goldfish varieties have yet to find its way out of China, the home and cradle of the goldfish.


These extremely rare pair of ranchus are precious gift to Alvin from our Hong kong hobbyist friend. They are also featured with a bigger picture in our Goldfish Studio.

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14 October 2002



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