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Creative Goldfish Display Tank Competition

Planted tank competition featuring beautiful aquatic plants and tropical fishes are a norm in the aquatic world. The Vermillion Goldfish Club has pioneered the concept of Creative Goldfish Display Tank Competition with gorgeous goldfish - the first of its kind in the world!

Each participant gave their display tank a theme and blend the design of the display tank according to the theme. Judging criteria are based on matching of goldfish variety with the chosen theme, the health of the goldfish, the clarity of water and creativity in hiding the unsightly bio-filters and aeration equipments. 



Next 10 entries - Creative Goldfish Display Tank Competition


Dragon Eye Butterfly Competition

2nd Runners Up

Sakura Secret

Beautiful backdrop of sakura blossoms
with sakura short tail ryukins



The chubby classical Chinese lionhead is an auspicious
emblem of the god of Longevity (Shou Xin Gong)


Butterfly Dreamland

Tranquil scene of an innocent child sleeping 
in utopian butterfly dreamland


Rainbow over Autumn

Pair of graceful classical pearlscale in autumn setup



The Vermillion-bred buffalo-cheek "Singachus" goes with the
Merlion - the icon of Singapore




Aptly named and perfect matching of fish and theme,
AquaGolf is the undisputable Champion!

1st Runners Up


9-months old Vermillion-bred black and red-black
crown pearl with near perfect scaling.


Treasure of China

Hungry-looking pandas craving for bamboos.
A perfect pose indeed!


Joy of Summer

Red dragon eyes with white face
radiates the warmth of summer


The Dragon and the Phoenix

Matching pair of oriental dragon eyes depicting
mythical dragon and phoenix

Next 10 entries - Creative Goldfish Display Tank Competition
>>> Dragon Eye Butterfly Competition
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5 October 2004



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