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Goldfish Diary

Goldfish Appreciation Series - The Classical Dragon-eye Pompon

Few other varieties of goldfish embodies the beauty of the oriental goldfish better than the Classical Dragon-eye Pompon!

Long before the goldfish were appreciated through glass tanks, they were kept in ponds and viewed from the top. It was not surprising then that the early Chinese breeders concentrated much on enhancing the traits of the goldfish that were best appreciated from the top view. 

Amongst the top view varieties are the Bubble-eyes, the celestial and the dragon eye varieties. The dragon eye pompon (velvety balls) stems from the dragon eye variety and is one of the rarest breeds within and out of China. Like many other varieties of goldfish, the dragon-eye pompon came in any imaginable color combinations: red, red-white, red-black, blue-brown, blue, calico, etc.

The 2 fishes featured in this article are the classical brown dragon-eye with scarlet pompons and they are even more rare than their cousins!


Pair of dragon chasing fire-balls



Slender body, long fins and pectorals

At a glance, the classical dragon-eye pompon is far from many contemporary definition of a good goldfish: It has a slender shape with a shallow body and a long curvy tail typical of ancient breeds of goldfish. Two scarlet pompons stands out against its brown body, holding firmly alongside a pair of extraordinary big eyes. It is this "frail" and "classical" shape that renders its fairy-like swimming dynamics to make it one of the most beautiful top view goldfish!


The "fairy-tails"

As we view the pair of dragon-eye pompons in awe, their long wavy tails cruising the ripples like a pair of oriental dragons dancing with fire balls. The beauty of nature's masterpieces is so enchanting right before our eyes; we have all discovered another aspect to appreciate the goldfish - whoever says a beautiful goldfish must be stout and fat?

This beautiful pair of goldfish are the private collection of Alvin.
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3 September 2002

Close-up of the scarlet pompons



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