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Goldfish Diary

Goldfish News Series - A new breed of goldfish from China
It's an Alien! ...No...It's a Moor!...No...
It's Squid Ranchu!!!

Alien conference

We are very excited with the debut of a new breed of goldfish we acquired this week. They really look out of this world!  




Tub of squids
All 11 of them, these cute fellows (ugly if you like) of 2 inches are a cross between the calico ranchu and the moor. We do not yet know of its official name but those with big black eyes really look like a stoned squid! A likely official name for it may be "Dragoneye Ranchu".

The side view of this breed has a smooth dorsal-less back with a more gentle curve than the ranchu. It is too early to tell if they will eventually develop head growth as they are still very young fishes. Their top view looks very adorable as they swim and wag their tails like a pug puppy.

Depending on the popularity and demand, we may see more of this breed as the Chinese perfects this line further. Some people may think they look funny and ugly, but these specimens are very endearing to fanatics like us - they are absolutely rare and beautiful! (Didn't the king of goldfish, the ranchu looks funny on its debut too? - A weird goldfish without a dorsal fin?)


Squids looking for food



Black eye squid


The baby squid ranchus are doing fine under our strict quarantine schedule of 30 days before they are released into our ponds.

On the 5th day of the quarantine, they are very active and continuously pecking for food.
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20 August 2002



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