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Goldfish Diary

Goldfish News - GuangZhou International Fish and Pet Competition 2002 (China)

In this issue, we publish a few pictures of rare goldfish taken in the recent International Fish & Pet Competition held in GuangZhou - China. The event was held on 7th November 2002.

rom the specimens of rare goldfish in the show, we can see the multitude of traits and color combinations in goldfish genetics available for the goldfish breeders. In creating new varieties of goldfish, the challenge is to identify and enhance the traits that would gain worldwide popularity.

The next strain of goldfish that could take on the world like the Ranchu may have already taken form - in a remote farm somewhere in China.

The grand champion of the goldfish category was a special black and red colored moor.

Grand Champion - Rare Colored Moor

Sakura Ranchu

Panda Ranchu

Egg Ranchu


These photographs are courtesy of a hobbyist friend from Hong Kong.

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12 November 2002


Dragoneye Ranchu

Dragoneye Phoenix




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