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Goldfish Diary

Goldfish World - IndoFish Expo 2003


In this issue, we feature the IndoFish expo in another of our judging expedition in Jakarta- Indonesia. The IndoFish is the first Indonesia international ornamental fish and accessories expo, it was held on 21st August 2003.

For the past five consecutive years visiting Indonesia, we have witnessed the goldfish hobby growing stronger with more goldfish hobbyists and more quality goldfish. This year, there were more than one hundred entries for the goldfish competition. The Indonesian fisheries department had also co-hosted this first international ornamental fish event in Indonesia (dubbed the IndoFish), making it the largest aquatic exhibitions ever in Indonesia.

With the decline of the Luo Han craze, the Goldfish has made a dramatic come back in Indonesia in recent months. The demand for quality and exotic goldfish is high as people consider the pricing of top-grade goldfish very competitive when compared to the prices paid for Luo Han. Goldfish have become so popular that the authorities have plans to organise two more goldfish competitions within the next two months. The top winner of one of the events will enjoy the prestige of the Governor Cup.

We were delighted to catch up with goldfish industry heavyweight, Jackie Chan of Tung Hoi Aquarium Company. According to him, Indonesia is the biggest market for high quality goldfish in the East. Jackie was there to seek even more business deals with the local dealers.

Kris, the secretary of the Goldfish Society of Indonesia was the key person who helped to make the goldfish show a great success. Amidst his very busy schedule, we really appreciated his efforts to set aside some time with us to render his hospitality. Judging was completed by the end of the first day of our arrival and we spent our free time with the usual home visits to see the new and exotic goldfish collections of our friends.

Yes! Not forgetting our dear friend Harsono, who did it again this year - by winning the grand champion prize in the goldfish competition with a 30cm red oranda! Harsono's passion for grooming show fish has not dwindled a bit, and he has great plans to upgrade his outdoor ponds for even bigger collections.

Once again, we thank our friends Hari, Harsono, Kris and Victor for their very kind hospitality. We look forward to meeting them again in our next trip to the land of the Archipelagos, which may well be very soon.

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Alvin Lim and Jackie Chan

30cm grand champion

The turnout at the expo

The goldfish display area

Our good friends, from left : Hari, Kris and Victor



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