Goldfish Diary

2007 - Issue 2
Goldfish World - Ipoh, the Goldfish City of Malaysia

Our Aquafair saga continues as we head up north to the Goldfish City of Malaysia - Ipoh, in great anticipation to visit its goldfish farms.

farm worker cooking home-made food for goldfish

After visiting the Aquafair in Kuala Lumpur, we head north to Ipoh to visit its goldfish farms. Taking a 4-hour bus ride in the late Saturday morning, it was a pleasant sunny ride up the north south highway graced by scenic hills lining the distant skyline. As more hills and Chinese temples lined the highway, then we exited the highway abruptly and yes! we had reached Ipoh - The Goldfish City of Malaysia. Our hosts, Vincent Liew and Mun Loong arrived timely at the bus terminal to pick us up.
On the way to the fish farm a light shower had started and we stopped by a roadside restaurant for lunch. Wow wee! The food in Ipoh is really yummy and we had almost forgotten about the rain. For most of us it was the first time we had tasted such tender and slight oily steamed catfish. After a satisfying meal, the rain had stopped timely and we drove on.


ryukin ponds

farm with oranda seed fishes

With our tummy satisfied, what is better than to see some good goldfish and we were equally not disappointed. Our first stop was at Ah Mengís farm. Ah Meng breeds Oranda and Ryukin but he is more specialized with Ryukin. When we alighted at the gate of his farm, the familiar sight of mud ponds showed un-mistakenly of a Ryukin breeding farm. Our visit was not timely as Ah Meng had just cleared stock of his bigger Ryukins. We pick up the last 2 long tail Ryukins and they are gorgeous Ė yes, you did not hear it wrong, gorgeous even for the last 2 fishes left.

pair of rare red cap egg phoenix

dragon eye pingpongs pearlscales

In our next stop, we visited Ah Loy who specialised in the breeding of Oranda. However, we did not get to see his Oranda as we were told a flood had flushed out all his stock and he is now trying to restart his breeding program.

Next we went to see the Short tail Ping Pong Pearlscale farm owned by Ah Fatt. Ah Fatt breeds only the Ping Pong Pearlscale in his farm and he is reputed for his bloodline. It didnít take us much effort to round off 10 fishes to bring home.

celestial ping pong pearlscale

pearlscale ranchu

From Ah Fattís farm we went next door to his brotherís farm. This is a more interesting farm for collectors as the breeder, Ah Chuen, is more adventurous to breed other varieties that few would attempt. The first thing Ah Chuen proudly showed us was a pond of Dragon Eye Ping Pong Pearlscales. To our amazement, amongst the rare gems there was one Celestial Eye Pearlscale staring at us. It was a cute fellow with well balance eyes and neat caudal fins. Ah Chuen is a very creative breeder - with the Dragon Eye Ping Pong Pearlscale his next project is to breed the all-white Dragon Eye Ping Pong Pealscale. Ah Chuen explained to me with the all-white nacreous Pearlscale, those with the black eyes will be more attractive to highlight the feature of this variety.

Besides the rare Dragon Eye Ping Pong Pealscale, this farm has also started to breed anther rare variety - a black ranchu with pearly scales. As the breeder is still trying to stabilize the line, the fishes are not for sale.

feasting in ipoh

In the far side of the farm, Ah Fatt brought us to see a pond his brother kept for his personal collections. There were a few rare coloured calico egg fish with a couple of egg shape Redcap. The pair of Redcaps caught my immediate attention. That was a pair of Redcap Egg Pheonix so rare that according to many Chinese breeders, they are almost extinct in China. Amazingly, here in the quiet and remote goldfish farm, someone is keeping them! This rare pair has stocky body, smooth back and a pair of broad and pointed caudal. Ah Chuen said he has no plan to breed the Redcap Egg Pheonix due to the lack of market demand. I encouraged him to maintain this line as it is a matter of time more hobbyists will appreciate this variety.

As darkness fell and it started to drizzle again, hinting the time to call off for the day.

Ipoh is also a food paradise so this trip is well complemented with good food and seeing beautiful goldfish. For dinner, Vincent brought us to a shop serving bean spout and steam chicken. There is only one word to describe the food serve at this shop, yummy!

Some of us stayed at Vincentís house for the night while the rest took a long ride back to Kuala Lumpur. Vincent and his members are avid Japanese Ranchu fanciers. As it was dark, we just took a quick look at Vincentís collection as we do not want to disturb the ranchu resting. We slept late that night as we had lots to catch up with the ranchu discussion.

checking out the top view ranchus

Mun Loong's setup is evidence of his passion

The next day, we visited Michael Lok - another avid ranchu hobbyist. His passion for the ranchu hobby can be demonstrated from how well his ranchus are adapted to his hand feeding.

Time really flies and we visited Mun Loong briefly to see his Ranchu collections before leaving for Kuala Lumpur. We would like to thank our hosts: Mr Vincent Liew, Mr Michael Lok and Mun Loong for their kind hospitality.

/contributed by Alvin Lim

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14 Feb 2007



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