Goldfish Diary
2008 - Issue 1
Goldfish Culture - Goldfish in Japan
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Ishikawa san Various goldfish clubs in Japan are devoted to organising grand scales of goldfish competition every year. The most famous of which is the annual All Japan Ranchu Show (AJRS) with a history of more than 50 years. The show is held on every Japanese Culture Day holiday in 3rd November. The top prize ranchu in the AJRS will be bestowed with the honoured of a certificate signed by the Prime Minister of Japan.

The crowd in AJRS shows the popularity of the Japanese Ranchu

Grandmaster Ishikawa san, figurehead of the Matsuyama Ranchu line. The Ishikawa family founded the Japanese Ranchu hobby more than a hundred years ago

A few very passionate clubs that specialize on the Izumo Nankin is also gaining high popularity. There are currently 3 Izumo Nankin clubs in Japan headed by very respectable masters with decades of goldfish breeding experience. The persistence and patience of such dedicated club breeders helped to revived the once rare varieties like the Izumo Nankin, Jikin and the Tosakin from the fate of post-war near extinction.

The Japanese considers the dynamic beauty of the goldfish a very important aspect in appreciating this living work of art. In fact, in the Ranchu and Izumo Nankin competition, the swimming balance and composure of a goldfish has higher precedence over static features like colouration. In recent years, the Japanese are importing more and more Chinese goldfish to beef up their domestic demand of goldfish. The Chinese top view butterfly moor has been an instant hit in Japan with the formation of new clubs specializing only on its appreciation. >>> con't page 3

Winners of Izumo Nankin in 2007 held in Shimane

Oya (above 2 years old) champion
Nisai (above 1 year old) champion
Tousai (one year and below) champion


Izumo Nankin Judging and display of winners

The competition above is held by one of the Izumo Nankin Club in Japan. There are currently 3 Izumo Nankin clubs in Japan.

all pictures of Izumo Nankin competition courtesy of Yamada san

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