Goldfish Diary
2008 - Issue 1
Goldfish Culture - Goldfish in Japan
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Goldfish is deeply enrooted into the art and everyday life of the Japanese people.  One could easily find artifacts of goldfish in souvenir shops throughout Japan. All Japanese grows up with fond childhood memories of the traditional game of "kingyo sukui" (Goldfish Scooping - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldfish_scooping). Adults are equally drawn to the game as competitors pit their skills to net as many goldfish as possible before the paper net torn off. In fact, this game has won such feverish popularity that the National Scooping Goldfish Association was set up to organize the annual National Championship of Scooping Goldfish. Held on the third weekend of August every year, the competition boost large crowds and more than a thousand competitors!
Ranchu Sculpture
Cookies made in the shape of goldfish
Game for a ranchu sweater?
10 feet height Goldfish Lattern
A shop specialising on just goldfish artifacts
Creatively decorated entrance to a LFS

lfs lfs
Local fish shops in Japan usually sells goldfish.


P robably, the most profound changes by technology on the goldfish aquaculture in Japan are the air pump and the air stone. Today, most of the avid Japanese goldfish hobbyists who produces the top quality fishes continues to groom the goldfish in much the same way centuries ago - they are still using nature's wall algae or the green water algae as filters. Technology has changed our lives tremendously, however, some of the best watches, vintage cars and musical instruments are still handcrafted in the most traditional manner. The goldfish hobby, is indeed more of an art than science.
Ponds of Ishikawa san -
using a simple airstone
and nature's filtration

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2 May 2008

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