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Goldfish Diary

Green Water Series -
Peacock "Tales" Version 2.0
In this issue, we showcase yet another good example of our "green algae water" enhanced goldfish.

Sometime back in July, we put up in our sales catalog 3 rare Japanese Jikins (Peacock Tail) for sale. These 3 fishes have excellent composure and fins but were very poor in coloration. As such, our grading for the fish were A4A for the first 2 fishes and A5A for the last fish.

According to the owner, these fishes were once very vivid in color, their coloration have deteriorated after months of keeping indoors. While awaiting the new owner, we took good care of these fishes and housed them in one of our outdoor ponds.

In the stock taking last month, we were very pleased with the expected improvement in their coloration (see photographs for comparison).

This is another good example of goldfish keeping outdoors with green algae water. In less than 3 months, they have grown healthier and regained much of their lost color.

It is only fair that we reassess their grading and upgrade them to A2A and A3A respectively. The price of these fishes have also appreciated as they are now bigger and more beautiful. In case you are wondering where is JKN-001-A4A - it has been sold before we got a chance to take its picture again. One word of advice to any serious buyer - grab them before they appreciate in price again! Who knows, the owner may even change his mind about selling them.

To see our jikins version 2.0 in bigger pictures, please visit our sales catalog.

For more information and examples on green water enhanced goldfish, please visit our green algae section.






JKN-002-A4A Version 1.0

JKN-002-A2A Version 2.0



JKN-003-A5A Version 1.0

JKN-003-A3A Version 2.0

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30 Sep 2002




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