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Goldfish World - Goldfish Judging in Indonesia


Banner for the National Ornamental Fish Competition

In this issue, we feature our recent trip to Indonesia, where Alvin was invited to judge the goldfish competition in the National Ornamental Fish Competition (28 Nov - 30 Nov), Jakarta.

Goldfish in Indonesia sounds like a perfect Oxymoron. In fact, many unique and beautiful strains of goldfish were developed by the Indonesians. The tropical climate, cheap cost of land and labor are ideal for goldfish farming. Besides goldfish, Indonesia also exports koi, tropical fishes and marine fishes to other countries.

For a nation with extensive fish farming programmes, it is not surprising that the various ornamental fish clubs in Indonesia has been organizing fish competitions and exhibitions to promote the standard and interest of the aquaculture hobby.

This year, the annual ornamental fish competition was held in Gajah Madas Plaza, a shopping complex situated in the heart of busy Jakarta. The competition was organized under 4 main groups of ornamental fishes, namely the Betta, the Discus, the Goldfish and the LuoHan (a fish belonging to the cichlid family).

Although the number of entries for goldfish was not as many compared to other fish categories, the high standard and quality of goldfish entries complements for the smaller number. The goldfish category was further divided into 7 subcategories: Lionhead/Ranchu,  Ryukin, Oranda, Moor, Open, Junior Open (for young fishes). Nevertheless, judging work took the whole afternoon to accomplish.

All the goldfish in the competition are kept by avid goldfish hobbyists of Indonesia. Some of the goldfish were bred and raise in Indonesia. The success of the breeding efforts of our friends is exemplary! (see the Indonesian website set up by our friend, Hari at

The climax of our trip comes with the weekend farm and home visits of our avid hobbyist friends. Pampered with a stomach full of local delicacies and eye-full of goldfish, we enjoyed the utmost hospitality of our Indonesian hosts.

As we reminiscent over the years of friendship brought about by the wonderful goldfish hobby, we also exchange notes and experiences in goldfish keeping. For a group of goldfish fanatics, time seems to fly when we discuss about the goldfish. Through the wee hours of the night, we talk about nothing but the goldfish.

A Ryukin bred by Hari in
Tulung Agung - West Java

Developed in Indonesia - the
beret lionhead originated
from Bandung.
(photo courtesy of Hari)

Some of the Contestants


Harsono, the proud champion.
Look at what he has done to his roof top! It's crazy!

The house visit that we must not miss mentioning is that of Harsono's. Harsono is the show (goldfish) Grand champion, and for the second consecutive year, he is also awarded the champion for clinching the most winning awards. His outstanding merits for this year's competition are:
1. Ranchu: 1st and 2nd prize
2. Ryukin: 2nd prize
3. Oranda: 1st & 3rd prize (& Grand Champion)
4. Moor: 3rd prize
5. Junior
1st, 2nd & 3rd prize

Like us, Harsono is also a firm advocate of the natural method to keep goldfish - using the green water.  His achievements is a good testament of this technique.

In order to keep more goldfish, Harsono has converted every inch of his roof top to goldfish ponds. Everyday, he looks forward to waking up early to maintain the ponds and see his precious fish. According to him, it is a very healthy routine.

We invited Harsono to compete in the Goldfish Competition in the The Singapore Aquarama 2003. With a sparkle in the eye and a wide grin, Harsono couldn't wipe off his champion smile for a long time... He loves the idea!


We would like to thank our friends from Indonesia especially Hari, Harsono, Kris, Victor and Yusuf for their kind hospitality during our stay in Jakarta.

The Aquarama 2003 is an international ornamental fish event to be held in the Singapore Expo from 29th May 2003 to 1st June 2003.

We welcome you to send your comments to or sign on our Guest Book.

Harsono's Grand Champion - 11 inch oranda


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15 December 2002




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