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Goldfish Event - My Fancy Goldfish Competition 2006
In this issue, we update the photographs of the winning fishes in "My Fancy Goldfish Competition 2006". The show was jointly organized by the Vermillion Goldfish Club and Samgoldfish Aquatic Design.

More than 200 goldfish competed in this show, which was judged by distinguished goldfish judges Mr Patrick Tan (Malaysia), Mr Anusorn Direkkittikul (Thailand), YB Hariantono (Indonesia) and Kris Widjojo (Indonesia).

The much appreciated support by NKFarm, Profish Intertrade, Bukit Timah Business Association, DreamFish Passion for Life, Kamihata Fish Industries Ltd and Siam Goldfish International had made this show a great success. Please enjoy the photographs!




 Photographs of show winners

  RANCHU  (metallic) RANCHU (black) RANCHU (matt)
  ORANDA RYUKIN (long tail) RYUKIN (short tail)
  PEARLSCALE LIONCHU (lionhead ranchu) OPEN
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25 Jun 2006

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