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Goldfish Event - MoCY (Master of Class of the Year) Competition

"Competition is the best way to improve" 

In yet another of Vermillion Goldfish Club's pioneer projects, the MoCY (Master of Class of the Year) event was conceived. 

Pictures of MoCY entries >>>






MoCY Game Rules:

The event is organised every 2 months within the period of one year.

2. Contestants are allowed to send one entry for each class of goldfish.

3. Contestants will be the judges but they cannot judge their own fish.

4. Contestants can provide feedback and protest in the initial ranking of the fish. The final decision are reached by consensus. In the event of a dispute in ranking, on the spot voting will be conducted. This is often followed by sharing session on the strength and weaknesses of each entry.

5. Contestants need not use the same fish in the competition in every round. Instead, they are allowed to swap to another fish in the midst of the competition as many times as they want to improve the ranking of their fish.

6. The result for the round is final when all members are happy with the ranking and they have decided their final entry.

7. The scores are accumulated in every round and the contestant who achieved the best scores in each class win the MoCY award for the year.

The flexibility of using different fish in the contest motivates the contestants to collect more fish and improve their technique of grooming their fish. It also provide much suspense to show off each other's “secret weapon”. 

Most importantly, the thrill of the event makes it unique from other competitions. Thus, encouraging team building, participation and in raising the goldfish appreciation standards through direct interaction. 

Pictures of MoCY entries >>>

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19 Jan 2005


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