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Goldfish News - Ozeki Ranchu Club (Singapore) - 2nd Japanese Ranchu Competition 2003

In this issue, we feature a brief introduction of the Ozeki Ranchu Club of Singapore.

he Ozeki Ranchu Club (Singapore) was formed by a group of avid goldfish hobbyist in 20th Oct 2000. Although the club is devoted to the keeping and appreciation of the top- view Japanese Ranchus, there are many club members who are avid fans of other varieties of Chinese goldfish.

Most goldfish hobbyist would know that the (side-view) Ranchu was popularized by the Japanese. Very few hobbyist are aware of the top-view variants.  For more than a hundred years, the art of keeping and appreciation of the top view Japanese Ranchu was very little known to the world outside Japan.
In Japan, side-view Ranchus are less highly regarded than the top-view Ranchus. You can say that the top-view Japanese Ranchu represents the pinnacle of Ranchu appreciation in Japan. Ironically enough, it is the side-view Japanese Ranchu that has taken the world by storm!

The reasons for the lack of information of the top-view Japanese Ranchu appreciation are manifold: For more than a century, the Japanese are very aggressive in protecting the pureness and lineage of their top view Ranchus. Even within Japan, the elite clubs were not allowed to export or sell to any individual who is willing to pay a high price for their precious Ranchus. The premium for the Japanese Ranchu has also made it less accessible to the man-in-the-street.

Today, club grade Japanese Ranchus still fetch a very high price and are not sold indiscriminately. The more readily available are raised and exported by commercial breeders. Inevitably, the high prices commanded for authentic Japanese Ranchus has attracted much unscrupulous dealings in the commercial goldfish industry. Much of such misdoings was drawn to the attention of the club and it has felt the need to educate the public and inculcate the correct way of keeping Japanese Ranchus.

Show grade Kashino yearlings of 2002
imported by the club for its members

Anatomy of a Japanese top-view Ranchu

Typically, a top view Japanese Ranchu has an articulate shape and a "buffalo" cheek. The most important emphasis of the fish is its dynamics in swimming. It should have a thick tail seat, a balance swimming and waves its tail like a Hawaiian Hula dancer (Sexy! Whee!). Contrary to the side-view variety, little attention is paid to the curvature of the back and the coloration of the fish. Top-view Japanese Ranchus are also raised by the most traditional and natural methods - They are not well accustomed in keeping with a filtration system!

For the Japanese, the best top view Ranchu embodies the form, dignity and charisma of a champion sumo wrestler. The Japanese word "Ozeki", adopted for the club's name, signifies the highest ranking sumo wrestler. Interestingly, in top view Japanese Ranchu competitions, the ranking of the fish follows closely to the ranking of the traditional sumo wrestler tournament.

The Ozeki Ranchu Club will be holding its second Japanese Ranchu Competition on the coming New Year. Although the competition entries are restricted to club members, the public are most welcome to view the competition.

Feel free to join the club in the competition and talk to any club members on the hobby. Educational VCD recorded by club members during the annual "All Japan Ranchu Show" (AJRS) will be on sale to the public. For those interested, it promise to be an eye-opener on how Ranchus are appreciated by the Japanese connoisseurs.


Ranchu bred in Nagoya owned
by a club member

Ozeki Ranchu Club (Singapore)
2nd Japanese Ranchu Competition 2003
Venue : Tanglin Mall Shopping Centre, Singapore (confirmed)
Date : 1st January 2003
Time : 10.00am to 4.30pm
Admission:  Free
Website: (Under Construction)

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5 December 2002




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