Goldfish Diary

2008 - Issue 2

Goldfish Event - Special Report for Thailand Princess Cup Competition

Congratulations to our club member Mr William Lim for winning the consolation prize in the 2008 Thailand Princess Cup Competition with his jumbo red-white oranda! It is both a great achievement and honour for our club to win any prize in this prestiges competition.

William loves jumbo goldfish and has attained the skill to select and develop potential young fishes to become future jumbos. The prize-winning oranda was acquired and groomed in Singapore when it was a young yearling of about 14 centimetres long. Currently, it is more than 30 centimetres long.

Interestingly, this oranda originated from Thailand and was the biggest oranda in the show. It must be quite a fateful journey in its life to return and compete in its homeland, let alone bringing the honour for both our club and glorifying the beauty of the Thai-bred oranda.


We would like to thank Mr Sam Ong of Samgoldfish Aquatic Design and Profish Farm InterTrade for helping to bench-in the oranda on behalf of William.

majestic charisma of the prize winning oranda

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25 July 2008

length about 26cm measured in Dec 2007

height measured in Dec 2007

another jumbo oranda groomed by William

show display in specially requested bigger tanks during the
Thai Princess Cup Competition


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