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The Vermillion Singachus - F2

In this issue, we update the Vermillion Singachu project. Our dream of creating a new line of side view buffalo cheek ranchus.




The "Vermillion Singachu" project aims to create a line of side-view Singapore ranchu (hence the name "Singachu") from selective breeding of Thai, Japanese and Chinese ranchu bloodlines. The project is currently in the second year and the second filial generation (F2) of Singachu.

Our desired line features of the Singachu are mainly:
- the pronounced "buffalo cheeks"
- one or two crown on the forehead
- a gentler and slightly longer body (for good growth)
- a slightly more open tail shape, preferably 4-lobes.

The Singachu differs from the typical Thai bred lionhead ranchu found abundant in the local market where the later generally has a bigger, "rounder and softer" head growth and also shorter body. In contrast, the Singachu has a firmer and more "tapered" head frame and streamline torso.

This year's breeding activity is mainly focused on stabilizing the line i.e. enhancing desired traits and getting rid of the undesired traits. A new male ranchu, having related lineage to the Singachu was introduced into the breeding chart to create more related lines of Singachu for line breeding. A few "test" breeding brood and experimentation with different breeding pairs were performed to study the genetics of passive and dominating traits of the F1 Singachu. The biggest brood this year was about 12,000 fries (F2 Line Bravo). Only about 300 fishes remained after 5 major cullings to weed the undesired traits. This important brood will be the main line for future breeding plans. While there are generally some improvements from F1s, the F2s are still far from our ideal Singachu as more features need to be fine tuned.

As serious goldfish breeding requires lots of passion and patience, stabilizing the new strain of Singachu may take at least another 5 filial generations - an effort that may span more than 5 years!
Head anatomy- crown and buffalo cheeks
of the Singachu bloodline

Side view ranchu -
one of the female parents of Singachu line

 A typical lionhead ranchu


The original Thai side view ranchu has a more tapered head profile, firmer headgrowth and more longish body compared to the more commonly found lionhead ranchu.


4 months old Vermillion grade Singachus


The armies of Saron - the Orcs are looking for food


Brood of F2LineBravo
estimated 12,000 fries



Day and night
culling marathon

Thousands of fries ready to "graduate"
to the big outdoor ponds

Concurrent to stabilizing the Singachu line is the plan to bring in the Japanese ranchu bloodline to further improve existing Singachu features e.g. bigger buffalo cheeks, finer scaling and better tail shape. Thanks to our close friend from Hong Kong, Hak King, who has married the Chinese calico ranchu with the Japanese top view ranchu in his bid to create top view calico ranchus. Hak King has given us some of his seed sakura ranchus specially selected for side view features. If everything goes according to planned, we will see the debut of the F1 red white and calico Singachu having Jap bloodline in the next 2 years. As this is an outcross, the project is expected to take even more years to assimilate the new genetic feature into the improved Singachu.

There are many huddles to overcome and infinitely more to learn in goldfish hobby. Though we are not sure if the project will materialize, as is always the spirit of the Vermillion Goldfish Club, we just give in our best
as far as our passion can drive.

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Singachus in holding pans to be sorted

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 23 November 2004





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