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Goldfish Diary

Goldfish World: Tung Choi Street - Haven for the Goldfish Fanatics

In this issue, we take you to the Tung Choi Street to see the renown goldfish market of Hong Kong.

The most important thing for the goldfish fancier when visiting Hong Kong is how to get to the goldfish market at Tung Choi Street (Kowloon, Mongkok). Get hold of a good map and put up at a hotel along Nathan Road, the main shopping district, and you are off to a good start! The goldfish market is close to the Mongkok MTR (Mass Transit Rapid) station and is very easy to navigate on foot. It is best to visit the Goldfish Market from 2 p.m. onwards, when most aquariums will be opened and the crowds start to pack in.

Reputed to be one of the most populous cities in the world, Mongkok is a scene packed with age-old shop houses which exude nostalgic memories of the 1950s. It is in the streets of Mongkok that one really starts to appreciate the import of the word “crowded”. Though the locality map may look simple, there is nothing easier than getting lost in the hurly-burly of Mongkok. If you are traveling by MTR, alight at the Prince Edward station and take exit B2. Tung Choi Street is just diagonally across the road. Alternatively, if your hotel is situated along Nathan Road, take a slow walk to Tung Choi Street and take in the hustle and bustle of the streets.

Busy Tung Choi Street

Bird street bird talk

Flower Street


Ladies' Street

Typical LFS

Mongkok is a very unique place – vendors of the same trade congregate and compete in the same street to provide the shoppers with a “one-stop” place to bargain and compare prices. Near Tung Choi Street, along Yuen Po Road, an entire stretch of street, aptly named ‘Bird Street’, is devoted to traders of songbirds and their accessories. Nearby is Flower Street, which unsurprisingly, is devoted to just flowers and plants.

Ladies Street, which is perhaps the most suggestively named, is located just across from Tung Choi Street and open for business from noon to about 10:30 pm. The street is devoted to selling bargain items and attractively priced ladies’ effects such as jewelries, clothing, cosmetics and handbags. As you might expect, in the adjacent Men’s Street traders hawk bargain ‘men’s stuff’. All in all, Mongkok’s unparalleled shopping diversity is a welcome reassurance that one’s traveling companions will be kept happily occupied whilst one tours the goldfish market in peace.



The goldfish market itself consists of more than 40 aquarium shops, which line both sides of Tung Choi Street. In Hong Kong, the goldfish is the most popular pet fish and aquarium shops tend to either specialize in goldfish or at least have a few tanks of goldfish to attract customers.

When walking Tung Choi Street it is an absolute must to behold the varieties and quantities of goods and accessories in the aquarium shops. Be impressed by the creativity of shop owners in making full use of their limited space to display their wares “Mongkok style”, where everything is crowded, from arrays of plastic bags packed with small tropical fishes to the large goldfish in the tanks. The eye-catching displays make it difficult for even the most casual window-shopper to go home empty handed.

With the insatiable demand for goldfish, there are new shipments every week and the various shops schedule their new arrivals for different days of the week.  So never expect the stocks of goldfish at the market to remain the same for any length of time. With some luck, you will have an opportunity to experience first hand the euphoria of the local goldfish hobbyists competing for the choicest picks of the new shipments.

Eye full of 6 inches Chinese Ranchus

The ultimate goldfish LFS

The aquarium shops specializing in goldfish are well stocked with large brightly coloured goldfish. The serious enthusiast will be spoilt of choice and got confused by the sheer numbers of goldfish simultaneously flaunting themselves to passers-by. “This one is nice. No wait…THAT one looks awesome! Why do they ALL look so beautiful??? Arrghh…forget the budget, I’m getting the whole tank!!!”

As night falls, the bazaar grows even busier and impossible as it seems, there are even more multi-coloured goods adorning the street sides. The streets of Mongkok are even more vibrant and crowded by night than by day. The aroma of food emanating from the roadside stalls reminds the engrossed shopper that it is time for dinner. Be adventurous and indulge in local delicacies and hot snacks found only in Hong Kong. Again, be mesmerized by the sights of the foods displayed, “Mongkok style”. By the end of your visit, you should have agreed that the word “crowded” is synonymous with the market culture of Mongkok.

Chinese bred jumbo jikins and ryukins

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21 Oct 2003


A rare brown ranchu

Local delicacies



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