2003 ~ Special Issue

The Vermillion Goldfish Club

This special issue is an introduction to the Vermillion Goldfish Club, the first Goldfish club of Singapore.

Goldfish have never ceased to enchant aquarist for hundreds of years. Each passing year sees new hobbyists diagnosed with goldfish fever. The scenario invariably starts off innocently enough. Initial curiosity develops into interest, and interest eventually blossoms into a lifelong hobby.

We are a group of goldfish lovers in Singapore who unfortunately suffer full-blown chronic goldfish fever, which manifests in a passion far beyond the comprehension of ‘normal’ people. Our friends and families, realising that for us there is no redemption, have resigned themselves to our fate.



Rare beauties adored by avid hobbyists

A magnificent short tail ryukin - the pride of the Chinese breeders

With such fervour for goldfish, we have naturally nurtured a longstanding dream of forming Singapore’s first Goldfish Club. We envisaged a Goldfish Club with a difference; a club consisting of none but the most dedicated goldfish hobbyists. Our ranks have grown over recent years with the addition of avid and versatile hobbyists. Having achieved a critical mass of talent and resources, our group recently decided it was time to realise our aspirations, and thus in June 2003 the Vermillion Goldfish Club (Singapore) was born!

The name “Vermillion” was chosen to portray a Club with a distinctly oriental flavour that is fun loving and vibrant - as vivid and flamboyant as the colour Vermillion Red. The Club logo is graced with a magnificent Dragon-eye, an ancient breed poignantly symbolic of the Chinese Goldfish varieties. The Green ellipse encircling the Dragon-eye symbolises the Club’s synergy and the “green water” which lies at the heart of the Club’s goldfish-keeping philosophy.

The formation of the Vermillion Goldfish Club is a dream come true for us. It is an identity we want to project in our constant pursuit of perfection in the Art of goldfish keeping. The Club also represents the lasting bonds of friendship and trust between its members and is an unparalleled channel through which the joys of the goldfish hobby are shared.

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10 June 2003

Goldfish artwork/NWY

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