The Inaugural World Goldfish Show 2012 - Fuzhou, China

The Inaugural World Goldfish Show was held in Fuzhou - China from 15th September to 17th September. The Vermillion Goldfish Club is proud to be supporting this historical event with Alvin Lim being one of the 12 International judges invited to judge the Goldfish Competition. Besides touring the show venue and its exhibits, our club entourage had the opportunity to visit the Fuzhou pet market and Goldfish farms during the trip.


Visit to the pet market in Fuzhou


Judging round #1


Master Wang who focus on
breeding big Goldfish

A day before the show is open to the public

A Dragon eyes with veil features

Visit to one of the more modern Goldfish farm

Ornamental fish shops in Fuzhou pet market

Judging round #2

Taiwanese judge Mr He scrutinizing the entries

Alvin showing our VIP around


A rare Bubble Eyes with 5 bubbles!!!

Grand champion Ryukin

A traditional Goldfish farm in Fuzhou

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