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The Goldfish
First and foremost, lets talk about our precious pet. Contrary to popular beliefs, the goldfish is one of the toughest ornamental fish. It strives in great temperature and pH ranges and is easier to keep than many tropical fishes. Goldfish are also very tolerant of high overdose of medication compared to the hardy Cichlids (try Russian roulette with any medication on a goldfish and a Cichlid of same size to see which one conked out first). Goldfish are definitely much least fragile then you think! ranchu-drawing.jpg (3324 bytes)
bubbleeye-drawing.jpg (4204 bytes) It is safe to say that 90% of the problems with goldfish are attributed to the water quality and hygiene. Goldfish are omnivorous and greedy; they also generate more waste than other fishes. Many goldfish are indirectly killed by their own greed – waste products that don’t get neutralized faster than they produce, causing bacteria bloom or ammonia poisoning.
Since the domestication of the crucian carp (the common goldfish) more than 800 years ago, the ancestor of the goldfish has been cultivated and breed in outdoor ponds. The goldfish farmers in China were blessed by nature to provide the ideal conditions for the cultivation of the goldfish. Fanciful and beautiful varieties mutate and proliferate under these optimal conditions. There are currently close to 300 varieties of goldfish and new varieties debut every other year. ryukin-drawing.jpg (5216 bytes)
oranda-drawing.jpg (4840 bytes) Have you wondered why your beautiful goldfish deteriorates sometime after they are kept indoors? They lose their radiance; they developed long and thin fins; they became weak and disease prone and they simply stop growing no matter how much you feed them. If you are not so lucky, you will be saying goodbye to your goldfish one after another.
What we are saying is that the goldfish strives better in the outdoors than in home aquariums, goldfish is by nature, an outdoor fish. redcap-drawing.jpg (5178 bytes)
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