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Website Links
Website of HK Ying, our Ozeki  Ranchu Club member from Hong Kong who  has the brave dream of creating the top view calico ranchu!!
Website of our affiliated club - The Ozeki Ranchu Club - dedicated to the  fine art of top-view Japanese Ranchu 
appreciation and keeping. NEW!! is one of the most popular goldfish forum with lots of information and photographs from the cradle of the goldfish - China.

suzhou goldfish NEW!! Website of our good friend Mr. Cao from JiangSu, who specialises in exotic Northern Chinese goldfish varieties.

NEW!! star Website of the Nanjing Goldfish Club (南京金魚俱樂部) set up by a group of avid Chinese Goldfish hobbyist from Nanjing.

GoldfishArtQuatics NEW!! star Wee Yap's goldfish blog details about his crazy passion in painting goldfish and creating a new goldfish variety.

Website of Hari, Chairman of the Goldfish Society of Indonesia.
Hari is involve in the breeding and preservation of some unique varieties of goldfish found only in Indonesia.

All avid goldfish hobbyists should come 
to know about Tung Hoi Aquarium 
Company - dealer of high quality goldfish
and founded by the Chan brothers who
created a legend out of the world of goldfish! 
Website of c, our friend from Germany who has gotten the very serious Goldfish fever!!


Website of Rodel, the man enchanted by the beautiful Oranda!
Rodel is dedicated to breeding and perfecting his unique line of Oranda in New Zealand.
A Japanese website dedicated to Wakins.
A wonderful site providing many resources for the goldfish hobbyists.
Hello Guppy Aquarium Forum in Taiwan Hello Guppy Aquarium Forum in Taiwan.
Website with rich aquatic information. Goldfish fever is catching up everywhere.

Very informative goldfish website from Taiwan by CSH. A hobbyist dedicated to provide more up-to-date information to goldfish hobbyists!
Website of Tom, member of CGFS who offers accommodations and 
Birds of Prey Experience
in a dinosaur environment

Nice website from Taiwan by Mr Jason Wu dedicated to ranchus.

The wide open spaces of the Frenchman River valley reveal secrets of pre-historic times
The Goldfish Paradise Society is a global community
of goldfish enthusiasts that share a common bond:
our affection for goldfish and our desire to share our knowledge/experiences to further goldfish health
and well-being.
A non profit website intended to promote both interest and knowledge in the hobby of caring for goldfish.

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