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Subscription for Event Notifications

Our mailing list is getting too big to manage by mail notifications. As such, we will not be sending email notification from now on to our valued subscribers. Instead, we will be riding on the twitter to announce events to our subscribers. We thank you for your subscriptions and support and hope that we can continue to provide you great news and events about the goldfish hobby.

Follow us on Twitter to get our latest notification on Goldfish events, articles and news:


You may also write to us at to share or ask any question about the Goldfish hobby. The following sample questions may help kick start a simple email correspondence. If you are residing in Singapore, you may wish to arrange to meet us in one of the regular free sharing session with fellow hobbyists.

1. Name:
2. Country of Residence:
3. Contact Number (optional):
4. Occupation:
5. How do you know about us? (e.g. search engines, friends, URL, etc)
6. Years of Keeping Goldfish:
7. No. of Goldfish Currently Kept:
8. Type of Goldfish Kept (e.g. Ranchu):
9. Size of fish tank (e.g. 3 feet * 1.5 feet):
10. Favorite Variety of Goldfish:
11. Have you heard of the "Green Water"?
12. Are you currently keeping your goldfish in "Green Water"?
13. Comments/Questions?:

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