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Do you wish to own big, beautiful and healthy goldfish like these? You may wish to skip the following information and go direct to our Studio Catalog.

Red-White Ranchu (7 inches)
Goldfish Photography

With good care, goldfish can live healthily for many years. All the goldfish featured in our photographs are kept and raised in Singapore by our group of avid hobbyists. Some of the specimens were purchased when they were young yearlings of 1 to 2 inches of length.


Our studio photographer, Alvin Lim has more than 35 years of goldfish appreciation hobby. Having a deep understanding of his goldfish subjects, he attempts to capture the best pose of each variety and of individual fish in photography. 

In order to illustrate the natural coloration and graceful behavior of the goldfish, all the photographs were taken in the outdoor natural light condition.
Alvin spends numerous hours under the hot sun to capture the glamour of beautifully gloomed goldfish. Much time is devoted to study and experiment on outdoor photography, preparation of the studio tank, the plants and the fish for the picture taking sessions. The one last element that he cannot prepare for is the weather of the day. Sometimes, only a few or none of his photographs pass his stringent requirements.

A picture speaks a thousand words for us, come enjoy our studio of goldfish photographs, epitomized by one of the most avid goldfish hobbyist in the world!

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